Consumer Identity

Designed for Privacy and Security

Eliminate customer phishing / hijacking and increase user satisfaction with password-less authentication

Why use Ultra Auth?

Account Takeover through Facebook / Google

Due to the proliferation of SSO, user accounts in identity providers are now keys to the kingdom and pose a massive security risk. If such an account is compromised or the consumers don’t opt-in for encryption based security, attackers can gain control of the user’s accounts in numerous other web services.

Ultra Secret Privacy Standards

Unlike Facebook or Google, our product does not leak data about users and does not acquire user data (email, password, telephone) to create an account or use our tech. The consumers are 100% in charge of their own security and identity.

How is it better?

No More Passwords

No one likes remembering email and passwords. And no ones likes the massive breaches putting that data at risk. Get rid of it with password-less authentication.

Privacy and Security

Social logins might be easy but they use the weakest security standards, share tons of personal data, and cause a ripple effect when compromised that is hard to contain.

Authentication Made Easier

You already sign into your phone with your fingerprint or face ID, why shouldn’t all your the apps you use be this easy, too?

Meet our universal consumer passport

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