• Passwordless Authentication

    Our SaaS offering is a plug and play FIDO Identity server that offers encryption based authentication using our mobile app authenticator.

Protect Web Applications

Install our IDP in your web application using common open source libraries like Omniauth and passportJS.

Protect Mobile Applications

Our identity provider can be implemented in any mobile application using JWT and FIDO UAF.

Your security in your own hands

As security breaches become more prevalent and hackers become more sophisticated, businesses need proven security standards such as FIDO to prevent fraud and stop bad actors online.

Ultra Auth is here to help your business secure your enterprise from risk of data breaches and prevent account takeover fraud altogether. We provide mobile apps for biometric authentication, a FIDO UAF server, and secure dashboard that can manage millions of consumers to your applications, logins, and infrastructure.


Available for both iOS and Android


Security by default

For the past several years, encryption based authentication has proven to be unphishable and resistant to account takeover hijacking. Our software enables your company to provide easy to use biometric encryption with minimal effort and maximum security.

Currently, only 10% of consumers that use Facebook and Google to sign in use encryption based security offered by these companies. The opt-in for high security is the chink in the armor for you when your user accounts are hijacked through Facebook and Google. You need a secure, out of the box option for your users and Ultra Auth is here to help.